Ragi recipes for weight loss 


A healthy lifestyle needs to have a healthy diet. Ragi is one of the healthiest ingredients that should be consumed by everyone. It contains calcium and is suitable for people who have Vitamin D deficiency. Ragi is known as the powerhouse of nutrients as compared to the other products. It is sufficient to fill up your stomach and helps in weight loss. Ragi also helps in improving the haemoglobin and blood sugar levels in the body. It is the best source for consuming nutrients and is a healthy ingredient. 

There are a lot of dishes that can be made with ragi, which will also be beneficial for the body. Here are some recipes that can be made using ragi and is super healthy. 

1 Ragi cookies: 


You can make ragi cookies which are super crunchy and healthy as a snack. The recipe has:

½ cup ragi flour

½ cup wheat flour 

½ teaspoon baking powder 

5 tbsp sugar 

6 tbsp of ghee or melted butter 

2 tbsp of milk if it is needed 

The cookie recipe is healthy as it contains ragi in it and is also an excellent snack to munch anytime. 

2 Ragi Rotis 


1 cup of ragi flour 

1 green chilli as per choice 

1 teaspoon of coconut 

2 tablespoon of coriander leaves 

Salt according to the taste 

Water if needed 

Ragi Rotis are soft, healthy and easy to cook. It can be eaten with a healthy leafy vegetable, and it will taste amazing. 

3 Ragi porridge recipe 

weight loss recipes

4 tablespoon of ragi flour 

1 ½ tablespoon sugar 

1 cup milk 

6 almonds 

¼ teaspoon cardamom powder 

4 drops of ghee as per taste 

1 ½ cup of water 

Ragi porridge is very healthy to consume during breakfast, and it is a dish which can be digested easily. It doesn’t have gluten and has lots of healthy ingredients. 

4 Ragi idli 

healthy diet

1 cup of ragi flour 

¼ tsp soda 

1 and ½ cup idli rawa 

1 cup urad dal 

2 tsp of salt 

Ragi idlis are brown in colour, and they are super healthy. It can be consumed during breakfast or lunch, and it also helps in losing weight faster. 

5 Ragi uttapam 


¾ cup of ragi flour 

1 cup of yoghurt 

1 teaspoon of mustard seeds

1 teaspoon of cumin seeds

Green capsicum and onions chopped according to the requirement

Curry leaves 

1 teaspoon baking soda

Oil should be put as required 

Salt as per taste 

Ragi uttapam is a very healthy breakfast and can be made according to the requirements. It is easy to prepare and healthy. 

The ragi dishes have a lot of nutrients because of ragi, and it helps in reducing the risk of diseases. Ragi is also a main component for losing weight and staying healthy. The ragi intake should be limited and not consumed on a high amount because that can increase the quantity of oxalic acid in the body. Overall ragi is very healthy and helps in fighting a lot of diseases and keeps the body healthy. 


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